Speedy Readie by Andrew Milson

Shifty Spritz Speedy Readie is a FREE Spritz-type speed reader extension for browsers. It will save you HEAPS of time! Try it out on this page by selecting some text and double tapping shift

Download its FREE and you won't regret it!

About Speedy Readie

Speedy Readie is my own implementation of Spritz. I made it because I struggle reading fast. I found that the Spritz reader was perfect for me as I was able to read fast and with great comprehension. Although I found that Spritz and similar readers where to clunky and slow, so I decided to spin up my own. Speedy Readie speed reader is open source and you can view all the code on GitHub. I hope you love using it as much as I do!

Benefits They are. Superb!

+ WPM selector
+ Font selector
+ Font style selector
+ Font color selector
+ Spritz-type reader
+ Reads selected text

Speedy Readie is completely free. It contains no Ads and is free for all to download and install. I am 16 years old and could really do with some extra cash on the side to pay for things like a new computer or phone. Any donation is a good donation. Also when donating, think about how much time Speedy Readie has saved you. Remember time is money!


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Thank yous things that made this project happen

+ GitHub for this website and my Shifty Spritz code repository
+ Icons in extension thanks to Font Awesome
+ Default font thanks to Droid Sans
+ Browser icons by Andrew McCarthy & Kara Zichittella
+ jQuery, just coz!

Copyright (c) 2014 Andrew Milson